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The Band Builder Organization strives to cultivate and enrich musical talent throughout the world. Our goal and mission is to grow and develop talented musical artists and composers by providing the proper pathway to success.

We feel that guidance and mentoring is the key to long term fulfillment in the music industry which is why Band Builder offers comprehensive avenues for artist development such as a robust and professional recording facility located in Los Angeles. Complete with highly skilled Producers, Engineers, Mastering Technicians, and nothing but the best and most high quality gear and recording equipment, our facilities bring music to life.

Band Builder provides comprehensive brand development such as Music Video production, Band Merchandising, Website Development, Social Media Mentoring, Online Marketing, Public Relations and more.




As a non-profit organization, Band Builder works with industry leaders to facilitate and cultivate undiscovered talent throughout the world.

Working with underprivileged artists is the primary focus of Band Builder. As a well established team of industry professionals, we repeatedly encounter talent in areas of the world that are unable to afford the luxury of recording their talent or facilitating to the world. Band Builder strives to empower those artists with the necessary and required tools to develop and grow in to the artists they were born to be.

Band Builder firmly believes that there is more to a successful music artist than the money behind them. We believe that by bringing a scholarship atmosphere we are removing the debilitating, dream-killing issue of costs and envirgorating the artist’s abilities and natural musical development.

We cannot do this alone. Our financial contributors and mutually stimulating industry partnerships are the only way we are able to shed this light on deserving and underprivileged talent. Through YOUR contributions we can grow, develop and mold the music industry with the top talent the world has to offer.


Creating the perfect brand that can be found in related online searches so that you can effectively grow fans and audience engagement is #1 to getting your music noticed. Old-school methods and PR tactics are no longer what wins in the race for the spotlight. A new generation of online marketing that targets specific venue searches, similar sounding artists and strategic social media campaigns are what the new fans of our generation react to.

Band Builder focuses on getting you noticed when people are searching online and on social media for your style of music.

Where outdated methods fail, we get you introduced to targeted groups of new potencial fans online so that you can rocket your music forward. This guarantees the ability to grow fans and sell merchandise, even while you are sleeping.

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